Whether you travel halfway around the world, or simply take a quick trip to the next town or city over, taking a trip to a new locale can jostle you out of a writer’s block. Getting out of your usual space and exploring new places serves as inspiration and generates new ideas.
There are destinations throughout the world that are renowned for jumpstarting the imagination and have served as the backdrop for many a writer looking to finish a piece or hone their craft.
Here are the best cities to visit to inspire your writing:

Havana, Cuba
Inspirational architecture, gorgeous sunny days and in a country as famous for its association with writers (Ernest Hemingway) as its cigars, Havana is a great spot to travel to for writing stimulation. Visit the Hemingway House to see where the famous author spent his later life.  With plenty of affable people and interesting characters warming bars on every corner, inspiration is sure to strike.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina
It’s easy to spend hours in the elegant cafes around Buenos Aires-- you may even have a chance sighting of some of the city’s best writers. This city’s literary legacy serves to inspire a new generation of writers, as the history, late nights and lively atmosphere of the city motivate even the most blocked of authors.
With plenty of creative and performing arts to experience and explore, this city offers you the opportunity to draw inspiration from other artistic forms while soaking in the vibrant culture.

Paris, France
No list of cities best for artistic inspiration would be complete without Paris! Long-associated with writers, some of the most famous authors that spent time writing in the City of Lights include Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Henry Miller, LeRoi Jones, Richard Wright and John Cheever (even though most of them wrote about life in the United States while ensconced in Paris).
This city so easily serves as a muse to writers due to the stunning architecture and old-world charm. Even though a major metropolitan city, Paris has an isolated feeling from the outside world, and writers can easily lose themselves in the slower pace of life and beautiful scenery. Additionally, the streets are lined with sidewalk cafes that you can linger in for hours and watch the world go by.

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Kyoto, Japan
Tranquil and steeped in history, Kyoto is a beautiful city for writers to travel to if the hubbub of a bustling city proves to be more of a distraction than an inspiration. With zen gardens, Reiki Mountain and historical monuments, this ancient capital of Japan is the perfect place to find your vision. So popular with established and budding authors, there are even tours that focus on both writing and the writers in Kyoto.

Edinburgh, Scotland
Many literary greats have spent time in Edinburgh while writing their masterpieces—authors include Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott and JK Rowling. Edinburgh has plenty of guided tours that follow the footsteps of these renowned writers and visit the places that gave them inspiration.
A sometimes gothic atmosphere, pastoral scenes and a long history of successful and prolific writers makes Edinburgh a good travel destination for people trying to write. 
If you’re stuck trying to start or finish a work, plan a trip to any one of these cities can help to give a boost to your motivation. Regardless of whether you travel to any of these famous locales, or merely take a short day trip, exploring a new place can help trigger creativity.

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer from Southern California who writing on everything from travel, marketing, and health and wellness. She has travelled all over the world looking for inspiration for both her writing and personal well-being, and is always happy to share what she has learned.