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If you are a car enthusiast, the odds are that you will be interested in everything car-related. The exciting world of the leading car designs and their makers makes for interesting reading. Read about innovative technology and different auto manufacturers.

Listed below are the top 5 great reads that every car enthusiast must have in the house, office and even in the car:

1.  Intermeccanica - The Story of the Prancing Bull
Intermeccanica - The Story of the Prancing Bull has been authored by Frank Reisner, who is a Hungarian-born but an American-trained chemical engineer. In addition to being a chemical engineer, Frank also owns a well-known sports car production company. In the book, Frank Reisner talks about different muscle cars that revolutionized the motoring world and how he came to produce a replica of the Porsche by making use of his state-of-the-art fiberglass speedster design. In the book, Frank also mentions his trials and tribulations after suing one of the largest automakers in the world.

2.  Alex Zanardi: My Story
Alex Zanardi: My Story is a book authored by renowned former world champion, Alex Zanardi. If you are a true car enthusiast, you must have heard about the exploits of Alex Zanardi while competing in various tournaments in
Europe. Regardless of losing both of his legs in 2001 after an awful accident, Alex managed to get back on the race track after two years. Notwithstanding his physical disability, Alex managed to finish just fifteen seconds after the winner. His exploits are true page-turners.

3.  Against All Odds: The Story of the Toyota Motor Corporation and the Family That Created It
Against All Odds: The Story of the Toyota Motor Corporation and the Family That Created It is an inspirational book by William Wartman and Yukiyasu Togo that talks about the treacherous path that Toyota, one of the biggest automakers in the world, had to take in order to achieve the kind of success it currently relishes. From the book, you will discover the small beginnings of the world's biggest automobile manufacturers and the people who were responsible for its progress. You will also discover one of the lowest moments of the company when it was forced to recall hundreds of its vehicles following the death of a teenager.

4.  Crashed and Byrned: The Greatest Racing Driver You Never Saw
Crashed and Byrned: The Greatest Racing Driver You Never Saw is a thrilling story of one of the greatest racing drivers in the world, Tommy Byrne. The book reveals the story of a boy who rose from poverty to become the world's greatest racing driver and why he was the only racing driver that Ayrton Senna dreaded. You will discover why Tommy Byrne's success was brief and how he came to fall from grace.

5.  Christine
Finally, Christine by Stephen King is the read that every automobile enthusiast needs to have. The book is basically a supernatural tale of boyfriends and girlfriends as well as a car christened, 'Christine'. Christine is a classic tale that will keep you reading from one page to the other, trying to find out if 'Christine' still has the power to go through all the rigors that its owners put her through.

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