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We are honored to be hosting a giveaway of 10 paperback copies of the fine novel, Across the Mekong River by Elaine Russell. Winners will be chosen by random drawing and each will receive a paperback copy of the book via postal service delivery. All you have to do is send an email asking to be entered to the PR company handling the contest at:

“Ravaged by the Vietnam War, a culturally ingrained family from Laos leaves everything behind to pursue a dangerous journey across the Mekong River…A multifaceted tale of complex characters finding new lives in their new world.”                                                                       ––Kirkus Reviews

Sitting in a
California courtroom, seventeen-year-old Nou Lee’s mind reels with what she is about to do. What she must do to survive. As she reflects on the splintered path that led to this moment, time flashes back to 1978 when her Hmong family was forced to flee Laos after the communist takeover to pursue a dangerous journey across the Mekong River, leading them from Thailand to the United States.

Through the eyes of each family member, Russell spins each story strand seamlessly into a moving, deeply personal, and yet universal portrait of the immigrant experience of leaving one's homeland to begin anew in a strange and foreign culture.

At its heart, Across the Mekong River explores the resilience of the human spirit to overcome tragic circumstances and make impossible choices.

About the Author:

Elaine Russell graduated with a BA in History at University of California, Davis, and an MA in Economics at California State University Sacramento. She worked as a Resource Economist and Environmental Consultant for 22 years before beginning to write fiction for adults and children. She became inspired and actively involved with the Hmong immigrant community after meeting Hmong children in her son’s school in Sacramento and reading Anne Fadiman’s The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down. Since then she has been to Laos many times to research her book and as a member of the non-government organization Legacies of War. For more info, visit

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