Our friend and fellow author, R.S. Guthrie, is releasing another book! Here is the information on this release:

Who couldn't use a new Kindle Fire, particularly if it were FREE?

I am releasing L O S T, the second book in my Clan of MacAulay series very soon and decided it would be in the holiday spirit to give away a brand new Fire. All a person has to do in order to be entered in the drawing is purchase either one of my books (Black Beast or L O S T) and email me a copy of the receipt here.

Black Beast is current at 99 cents and L O S T will be premiering at 99 cents as well, at least through the first month of the New Year!

I've had to move the release date for L O S T out to New Year's Day (release no book before its time)---so to give readers time to buy the new one and have a chance at the Kindle, the drawing will be held on Sunday, January 29th at 3 PM MST!

The big question from people has been:

If I purchase both books, do I get two entries in the drawing?

YES! Absolutely. Just send both receipts, and you've got two chances! (Those who purchased Black Beast during the Black Friday promo already have two chances  in the drawing---and those Black Friday participants who also purchase L O S T and send that receipt will have a THIRD!)

Oh, and to lessen the risk of unscrupulous entries, you must also answer the following question (which can only be answered by reading the beginning of Chapter 4, second sentence---don't worry, no spoilers):

What is the last name of Detective Bobby Mac's wife, Isabel?

(Read Terms and Conditions for giveaway here.)