We are really excited to announce the publication of our newest collection of short stories, Alone. As usual, we stuck to no particular genre, but offered a variety of tales. With our penchant for science fiction, we were compelled to put a few such works in the mix, along with some drama and humor. Here is a brief description of each of the stories in Alone:

Troll - a small town sheriff's dispatcher is amused when calls come in about a troll living under a bridge. However, when the little interloper is brought in for booking, amusement changes to shock.

Band-Joe - Gara's spaceship has run out of fuel and food, and she is hopelessly off-course. Her emergency landing in the hills of Appalachia brings her and her small traveling companion in contact with a kind-hearted mountain family.

Deep Six - PJ and I took the same list of characters and used them to create two completely different stories. "Deep Six" is the first story. In "Deep Six", a group of characters come together at a bar called Deep Six and their lives collide in a tragic way.

Too Much Information - Using the same characters from "Deep Six", "Too Much Information" is the story of a man planning a new life as a serial killer. He chooses his victims and decides how each will die. But something goes wrong with his plan.

Detained - A terrorist is taken captive and fears he will be tortured for information. He is shocked at the nonstandard interrogation to which he is subjected.

Diary of a Psycho - Narrated by a delusional woman with extreme passive/aggressive tendencies, "Diary of a Psycho" details a brief time in the woman's life. She imagines friendships and a love affair which do not exist, which leads to problems on her job.

I Don't Remember - A tale just for fun, written to the rhythm of Three Dog Night's hit song, "I've Never Been to Spain".

Million Dollar Lay - On a vacation to Vegas, Tamara is approached by the representative of a wealthy sheik with a strange proposition.

Payment - New Orleans is the backdrop for "Payment". Amy meets a new guy while visiting New Orleans with a couple of girlfriends. But this new man is not what he seems.

The Erotic Christmas Memories of Dick Speed - Egotistical Dick Speed, interior decorator and self-proclaimed love king of the design world, shares a fond holiday memory.

The Chalk Man Cometh - A young boy from the orphan train is taken in by a rough farmer. But there is something quite different about this boy, and there is someone dark and sinister looking to claim him.

A Strange Love Affair - When Guy remodels his house, he finds a hidden alcove with a small door in it. Convinced he has mice, Guy sets a trap but it's not a mouse he confronts.

Weekend - Sara's self-centered husband refuses to help around the house. He enjoys the leisure of the weekend while she works her fingers to the bone.

Poor Jesse - When Joe volunteers to mentor young Jesse, he suspects Jesse is being abused by his father.

Letters - Elderly Abe writes anonymous letters because it gives him a sense of power, especially when he realizes a letter can change a life. But his letters may not always produce the intended result.

From the Depths of a Whole - Quite a silly story. Whimsy to make a reader smile.

Sins - You might recognize the characters at this party.

Alone - Oscar finds himself alone in the world after a night of hard drinking. It is a terrifying prospect. He wakes up relieved it was all just a dream. Or was it?

As an introductory offer, we decided to price the e-version of Alone at only 99 cents through the end of the year.

Alone will also be available in paperback soon. We hope readers will enjoy our stories.