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How The Indie Author Revolution Has Impacted Traditional Publishing? A guest post

Posted by Wodke Hawkinson on Tuesday, May 28, 2013, In : Guest Posts 

The Indie author revolution has totally taken over the traditional publishing. It has made publishing more self sufficient, self starting, inspirational, entertaining, thought leading, educational, etc. But there are many nay Sayers who try not to let the indie authors come into limelight. Various book sellers as well as reviewers don’t even look at the self published work and say that it’s a part of their company policy.

But all this does not hamper the growth of indie authors even t...

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How Writers Can Use Twitter for Promo, a guest post

Posted by Wodke Hawkinson on Saturday, May 18, 2013, In : Guest Posts 

These days social networking websites are on boom to get connected with people. Amongst all social websites twitter is one of the popular networking sites for instant messaging system. Using twitter you get to connect with the people you know and the people you would like to know. Twitter is used for various reasons, one of the common reasons are promotion. In order to become a good promoter, you will have to be a good twitterer that the people will love to follow you and tweet your post.

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Most Effective Tips on Beating Writer’s Block, a guest post

Posted by Wodke Hawkinson on Friday, May 10, 2013, In : Guest Posts 

Since childhood days, we have been hearing that books are our best friends and they are. Most of us like to read books of various types. Getting access to a book is very easy nowadays. One can access to any books, old or new through the net very easily.  Books broaden our views and they help us to perceive things differently.

Most of the writes have to face writer’s block at some point of time. There are many reasons for that. One may have some personal problems or it could be some sort...

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How We Do Twitter

Posted by Wodke Hawkinson on Wednesday, May 1, 2013,

We were excited when we discovered Twitter and learned how to use it to promote our material. We’ve “met” a lot of terrific friends there and connected with fellow authors and readers alike. Since we started, we’ve developed our own method for using this wonderful social tool. Here it is in a nutshell:

When we get a new follower, we read the profile and then scroll down through the timeline. If we see they regularly retweet others, we follow them back and add them to our private ...

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