-A guest post. We've invited author Jonathan Dunne to tell us about his new book:

Balloon Animals is 299 pages of comic fiction, quirky, funny and touching.  It’s a novel that readers will love or hate. It is a breath of fresh air in the stale atmosphere of tired generic thrillers. I write from the gut and that’s where the comic element comes from, in other words, I’ve no idea; it’s organic. Then again, so is manure. Interviewers have asked me, ‘How did Balloon Animals come about?’ It’s like being asked ‘Tell me about yourself…’ in a job interview. It’s infinite. I sit at my writing desk every morning at the same time and wait to see what happens. Balloon Animals is a character-driven novel so my characters help me through it. Funnily enough, I cannot really hear what they’re trying to say to me until I read their dialogue aloud. That’s when they come alive and hush me in the right direction (sometimes wrong). Balloon Animals is a belated coming-of-age tale about a 30 year-old man, Jonny Rowe, who takes his mysterious grandfather’s dying breaths in a birthday balloon from Ireland to his roots in Iowa, USA.

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Author Bio:

Admittedly, Jonathan has done things arse-ways most of his life, from completing a BA in Literature in his thirties to fitting teeth brackets (30's, porcelain). During this general confusion, Jonathan has written and published a variety of short stories. He suffers from photophobia though has a tendency towards fireworks. Originally from Limerick, Ireland, he now lives the reclusive life in Toledo Spain, as a bearded hermit, with his wife and two daughters.

Contact info:

Twitter @ WriterJDunne
Facebook @ jonathan.dunne.505