As any author knows, rounding that last corner on final revisions is a major milestone in the life of a book. Even though we plan an additional read-through or two, the largest part of the job is done, and it feels great!

Up to this point, we have been quiet about the title of our upcoming book, but we are now ready to introduce our next release, available soon, entitled ZEKE.

Zeke is a dark novel of sexual obsession and escalating suspense. It begins with the first meeting between a naive college student, Susan Cox, and a sexy new bookstore clerk, Zeke Kyle. Sue falls so hard for Zeke she is blind to the warning signs in the relationship, and ignores the red flags in Zeke’s behavior. A few short months later, Zeke convinces Sue to leave town with him and they hit the road for a great adventure. Sue’s elation soon turns to dismay as Zeke’s demands become more twisted, and he grows increasingly unstable.

At home, Sue’s parents refuse to believe their daughter left willingly. They hire a small-town private investigator to find her and verify her safety. What begins as a simple case turns into a race to save Sue’s life.

Zeke will be available soon in e-reader formats and paperback.