Knowledge is key to entrepreneurial success. Here are five books which offer fresh insights to young entrepreneurs on how to recognize and achieve their professional ambitions.


Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

Ender's Game (1985) is a military science fiction novel which presents mankind's struggle against the 'Buggers', an insectoid alien species. To prepare against future invasions, children are trained from a young age through a series of games which require them to exercise their tactical abilities and survival skills. The novel follows one of these children, Ender Wiggin, as he faces these arduous challenges. Although on the surface this is an eminently enjoyable science fiction novel, it also demonstrates key leadership lessons through the character of Ender. He must face confrontation, isolation and other challenges in order to earn the support and respect of his subordinates. As well as inspirational reading for young entrepreneurs, this book has become suggested reading for many military organizations, even including the United States Marine Corps.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Extraordinary Teens: Personal Stories and Advice from Today's Most Inspiring Youth by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Kent Healy

This book details the success stories of several teenagers ranging from; young professional athletes, business entrepreneurs and motivational speakers to actors, writers and filmmakers. These personal stories are coupled with photos and exclusive advice from one young entrepreneur to another. Each of these success stories shares the trials and tribulations these teens had to undergo in order to achieve success, as well as their current ambitions and how they intend to achieve them. Featuring over fifty celebrity contributors, including Donald Trump Jr and Sean Covey, this book offers a series of success stories which young entrepreneurs can relate to and be motivated to emulate.

James Willis Makes A Million by K. Wodke

This novel depicts the life of James Willis, a poor 1970s child living with his father and grandmother. The novel shows how James strives to overcome poverty, launching his first business at merely eight years old. James is determined to achieve his ambitions and achieve financial independent; an inspirational message which the book promotes to other young aspiring entrepreneurs. James' determination and willingness to devote himself to hard work project an important message to other young entrepreneurs; motivating them to achieve financial success. James' ability to apply his ideas and specific skills to create success business enterprises demonstrates to children, as well as adults, how you can apply yourself in order to achieve entrepreneurial success.

Save $30,000 in 30 Days by Analaura Luna and Wilson Luna

In order to launch yourself as a successful young entrepreneur, it is fundamental to develop responsible economical principles and practices. This book from international business coach Wilson Luna offers easily to apply financial advice to help you organize your finances in order to launch your personal business. This book helps you analyze what you spend your money on and how you can establish responsible long term economical practices to safeguard your finances and subsequently your business.

Getting Unstuck by Timothy Butler

Timothy Butler is a renowned psychotherapist and director of Career Development at Harvard Business School. This book details his practical six-step process to help entrepreneurs of all ages move past any career or personal struggles, recognize their true ambitions, and engineer subsequent life changes in order to achieve these ambitions. Butler focuses on helping the reader discover their underlying career and life passions in order to start attaining them. Butler uses various examples of individuals who have successfully transitioned out of career and life impasses in order to achieve success and contentment within their personal and professional avenues. This book provides an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to discover their true professional and personal passions and equips them with the necessary tools to achieve these goals.

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