From the blog of RJ Palmer, Head Wingnut in Charge


Okay everybody AND all my precious Wingnuts for we are, indeed, in a class all our own...I wanted to let you know…


It's the second birthday of the blog of Yours Truly, Confessions of a Wingnut and Science Fiction Junkie, and I thought that I'd be the one to give out the presents. I know, I know...Kind of have that backwards and upside down, don't I? Since you all benefit from it, I don't wanna hear any whining! Not that anyone is going to complain about getting something free...Again, let me stress FREE...I just figured I'd add that little tidbit because I do have some experience with some really weird people. You know, the kind of sick puppies that don't EVER want any kind of gift and would be willing to be charged twice, or something to that crazy effect.

Alright, now that I went way out over the deep end with that train of thought; let's get back onto solid ground, shall we?

My blog is turning two this coming Sunday, August 26th and in celebration, I'm going to once again demonstrate my incredible ability to give a book away. Most notably, it's “Sins of the Father”, my latest pride and joy.

Yes, I'm getting all crazy with the cheese whiz and stuff (got it from a song) and if that last line left you scratching your head, just shrug it off and realize that I say, "Woogie!" when I'm trying to release tension and excitement, so it's not that big a stretch to believe I might say something else similarly off the wall.

I've been most pleased with the reviews coming back about “Sins of the Father”, it seems people really like the story and since I spent so much time (sweat, blood and tears) on it, it seems only fitting. I've received nothing below a four star review and that makes me happy. If you don't believe me, check the reviews in older posts on my blog and look it up on Amazon. I rest my case.

Now that I've gotten the bragging and tooting my own horn out of the way for the sake of shameless self-promotion, let's get a little serious and get to the point of this post.


Yes, August 24th through August 28th, in celebration of my blog's very special day, “Sins of the Father” is going to be free on Amazon. So grab your Kindles and help me get a few thousand copies out there for the best price of all. FREE!! I'm wanting to hit the top ten free in Kindle store and shooting for three thousand downloads. Here's hoping! Mark it on your calendars, send an email to everyone in your contact list, shout it from the rooftops and text everyone and their grandmother. Don't miss out on my blogoversary celebration!

And now the BORING stuff…

A little about me:

My pen name is RJ Palmer but most people know me by Rachel.  I’m a 32 year old (gasp, the cardinal sin…I disclosed my age!) married mother of so freakin’ many children that the first day of school is like a holiday in and of itself.  Not that any other parent can’t relate to that sentiment, at least in part.  If you have kids you understand where I’m coming from.  It’s that wonderful day when you get to kick ‘em out the door after they’ve been home all summer and they don’t come back for about eight hours.

I’ve written two novels, one of which is FREE on Amazon in celebration of my blog’s birthday, as if I hadn’t said that enough. (Pssst!  Hey everybody…It’s “Sins of the Father” in case you missed that part…) And the other is “Birthright” my debut novel which needs a little polish and some less amateur cover art.  I did it all by myself which explains the amateur part.  Pay attention to “Sins of the Father”.  I like it better right now.  Truth be told, it’s my favorite brainchild at the moment.

If you want to get to know me better please feel free to visit my blog at or you could take the easy route and Google the title, “Confessions of a Wingnut and Science Fiction Junkie.”  Though after that little display directly above, I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t, or did…Either way is fine.  Get to know my books though; they’re cooler than I am.