Rebecca Scarberry (@Scarberryfields on Twitter) needs your help. As you can see, the font is different on each cover. Which one looks best? Please vote on one of the covers below for book two in her Jumper series of children's picture books by using the comments section at the end of the post:





JUMPER BOUNCES BACK (Book two in the Jumper series of children’s picture books)

Jumper, a big red, humorous beach ball, is back sharing his adventures. Will he find his owner, Tony? Tony is a toddler who loves taking Jumper everywhere he goes. Tony seems to have trouble keeping track of Jumper because Mr. Wind shows up over and over. He gusts and blows  him from Tony’s hands. Join in the fun and find out where Jumper goes next.  

This picture book is written to be read to age four through seven over several reading sessions. Eight year olds are able to read it without any problem.

Many children dream about this series of books getting made into a television show, similar to Sponge Bob. Their dreams might come true one day.

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