The Indie author revolution has totally taken over the traditional publishing. It has made publishing more self sufficient, self starting, inspirational, entertaining, thought leading, educational, etc. But there are many nay Sayers who try not to let the indie authors come into limelight. Various book sellers as well as reviewers don’t even look at the self published work and say that it’s a part of their company policy.

But all this does not hamper the growth of indie authors even though it produces hurdles in the way. Self publishing is one of the most prominent things which are happening today in the publishing sector. Nothing has affected the publishing industry these days like indie publishing has.

Most of the readers like reading indie author’s books. Their books are in heavy demand in the markets. The traditional publishers have done a lot of good to people but recently they have been involved into a number of fraudulent activities.  The 2012 Pricing Scandals have revealed that the traditional publishing duplicate inflated the cost of E books when compared to the printed books. Also, they marked their E books with more prices in order to promote the purchase of the printed books. It’s difficult to keep track of such things. For instance when J K Rowling’s latest book The Casual Vacancy was released with the hardcover quoting a List price of thirty five dollars (twenty one dollars on and the list Price of the E book was thirty five dollars (Seventeen point nine dollars on, the printers were attracted towards the printed version which was just three dollars more. Some people must have bought the E books also, but not as many as the print version. Mostly the readers don’t spend more than ten dollars on an E book. Thus, spending eighteen dollars on an E book is not really feasible for them.

This helps Indie because they are the ones who move along with the Market. According to the big /3, the market can be controlled by them. But it’s not true. As per the records readers develop an expected value of an E book in advance which is not eighteen dollars. The efforts made by the publishers to enhance the evolution in this industry are helping a lot the Indies because the Indies are the ones who innovate and are the leaders of the movement. In duplicity, the E books have been priced quite high as compared to the printed version of the books. The Indies have been perfectly set in order to cater to the needs of the readers in such a way which is not possible for the Traditional publishers. It has been proved. Every day we see two publishing houses merge. On the other hand we see a self published author gaining more and more success each day.

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