These days social networking websites are on boom to get connected with people. Amongst all social websites twitter is one of the popular networking sites for instant messaging system. Using twitter you get to connect with the people you know and the people you would like to know. Twitter is used for various reasons, one of the common reasons are promotion. In order to become a good promoter, you will have to be a good twitterer that the people will love to follow you and tweet your post.

Using twitter for promo is a different thing than social connect. You have to be very creative while writing or presenting the content on network, that attracts people. No matter if you want people to follow you or reach you, you should always offer valuable tweets. Make your tweets so interesting that people love it; be it in the form of entertainment or a suggestion.

Being an author or a writer you might be thinking “how writers can use Twitter for promo”. For those who are new to twitter, they can always use twitter to promote their books, ideas etc. Join in the network, present your special thoughts, see others ideas and get networking. You can always share interesting and helpful links in your tweets. On top of it you can post creative articles about your book and other news related to your work.

While Promoting on a network, you should always target your audience. Suppose I am writing about a book, so I would like to interact with tweeps who are interested in reading books or its their hobby or profession. You can always use hash tags like #amwriting, different ideas of climax, etc and think how to reach your targeted audience? Which hash tags writing communities use? Try to search similar hash tags or tweets by other writers. For example #amwriting. You will get a large international community of writers. Participate in the community, tweet unique ideas that generate interest in people. And yes if somebody is tweeting you, make sure that you retweet them. This way you are forwarding your posts to your followers. People like when you retweet them.

Your motive behind connecting with people could be anything like you want editors, publishers, bookstores to recognize you etc. Use above discussed strategy to find these people. The power of twitter is connected with people initially and get in touch with them, You will have a new blogger or analysis partner, who can eventually help you. Remember, patience is a key to success, for attaining all this. When you just start, you might not get effective response. A successful writer use twitter regularly and with years and months they get a positive response. But yes it takes a lot of effort and time and then it guarantees your popularity in writing.

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