Was there a significant event that prompted you to write fiction?

Rebecca: Thank you for interviewing me again. I had an idea for a novel when I was twenty-one-years old, but I never could find the time to write it. When I was thirty-seven-years old, my husband and I were reading a lot of books regarding paranormal activity in the United States. We wrote a screenplay. During final edit, a very similar movie hit the ‘big screen’. I then threw it away. My husband and I went through a terrible period in our lives from 1998 through 2007. In 2008 I decided to hand write a novel about it. I didn’t have a computer. I soon discovered I needed a lot of help writing fiction. One author suggested I write some short stories for practice. I wrote two, Messages from Henry and Rag Doll. I entered them in some short story contests. Then I posted them on my blog. Many commented and said I have talent. Therefore, I expanded both and ended up self-publishing them.

How did you come up with the story lines for the books you’ve published?

Rebecca: Basically, both Messages from Henry and Rag Doll just popped in my head out of nowhere. This wasn’t the case with my children’s picture book, Jumper. It was my husband’s story line idea. He came up with it one day when we were riding down a busy street on a very windy day. A red ball blew out of a wire container, full of balls in front of a general store. That red ball bounced along beside our vehicle for a quarter of a mile. My husband then started telling me about all that red ball was going to see and misunderstand. His story wasn’t all that great, so I improved it and he loves what I came up with. Wasn’t easy pretending to be a red beach ball, telling about his adventures. The sequel for Messages from Henry, The Prince of Pigeons was an easy story line to come up with. I sent four main characters to England and turned the book into an adult romance with adventure and a small amount of petty theft.

Do you have a favorite genre to write in?

Rebecca: After self-publishing four books, I’d have to say my favorite genre to write is children’s books. Guess I really never grew up. Well, who wants to do that anyway??

Can you tell us something odd about yourself?

Rebecca: Well, after reading many tweets posted by other authors this might not be that odd. I used to be calm and much more cheerful before I self-published. I was even shy. Now I’m not all that calm nor cheerful. And I’m not shy anymore either. I find myself promoting my books everywhere I go. I’ve met some wonderful people doing this, but in reality they probably hope they’ll never meet me again for fear I’ll ask if they’ve read my books.

Are you still reading books by self-published authors and posting reviews for the books you enjoyed?

Rebecca: I certainly am. I love to read so much and post reviews for all of the books I loved.

Are you going to continue to write more fiction?

Rebecca: At this point in time, I say I’m done writing and publishing fiction. When I told my husband that The Prince of Pigeons will be the last book I publish, he said I’ll change my mind if Jumper is a hit. I guess time will tell.

What was it like for you to have a co-author for your first full-length novel, The Prince of Pigeons?

Rebecca: Let me put it this way, I don’t recommend that any author collaborate. There were good times and there were many bad times. We authors are defensive of our writing. I hurt my co-author’s feelings by cutting many things out of our book and he hurt mine by doing the same. Well, we published the book and we’re still friends. Not as close of friends as we once were, but friends none the less.


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Rag Doll: http://t.co/U2Rst6Z http://t.co/pbW31dL

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