Depending on which source you reference, the high temperature on Mars is 32 degrees F to over 80 degrees F on its warmest days, at its equator. Its coldest temps are said to be below -200 degrees F. Again, depending on which site you trust, the atmosphere on Mars is said to be thin, or in some cases, basically nonexistent, and consists of mainly carbon dioxide. It would seem Mars could not support life as we know it. However, there are many people who do not believe we are given accurate information about Mars. They believe that NASA photos from Mars have been smudged and doctored. If this is true, then all data about the planet is suspect. There is a thriving conspiracy theory surrounding Mars, and I find it absolutely fascinating.

In researching this topic, I have come across some photos that make me uneasy. I have no opinion, even after all my research, but I keep an open mind on the subject. Logic demands that we question any conspiracy theory based on the most recent Mars probe alone. Why would we launch another exploratory trip to the planet if the government already knew the answers? But, on the other side, there are those who would argue the most recent probe is merely a ruse, a softening of the populace for eventual revelations. I think people on Earth are more sophisticated than any government realizes, if we are indeed being protected from harsh truths.

Some of the most compelling information on the possibility of life on Mars includes that of "glass" tubes. Mars Anomaly Research And, here is an opposing viewpoint of the tubes on Mars: The Martian Chronicles You will have to make up your own mind as to whether these tubal structures are natural formations or constructed by intelligent hands.

Another fascinating claim being made is that there are cities and fields on Mars, hidden by deliberate doctoring of the pictures. There are even contentions that the color in the photographs has been manipulated to make Mars appear redder than it actually is. Here is an interesting video on the subject of civilization on Mars: City on Mars

While many scientists agree that Mars was once covered by surface water, there are some people who believe Mars currently has bodies of water. And it doesn't stop there. Lakes, trees, vegetation, and even buildings. Here are some intriguing images you may enjoy:

Mars anomalies - Trees, lakes and organic anomalies on the red planet

Mars Civilization:Evidence By European Space Agency

Those who disagree state that some of these effects are due to pixilation.

However, an armchair astronomer recently discovered what appears to be a structure on Mars. Is Bio Station Alpha proof of life on Mars?

Since few, if any, of us will ever step foot on the planet Mars, we can only use the images provided by the various space agencies to form our opinions. To see images from their sources, a curious information-seeker can visit these sites:

NSSDC Photo Gallery Mars
European Space Agency - Mars Express

Regardless of what you personally believe, the subject is an interesting one.



Mars photo