We've been busily working on this surprise for some time: an alternate ending to our novel, Betrayed. We have to credit one of our readers for this idea. He told us he was reading our novel when he said to himself, "Ok, the killing's gonna start anytime now." Then he took note of the fact that he only had about ten pages left until the end of the book. "Oh, no," he said. "I've been tricked. This is a damn romance!" Still, he liked the book even though it did not end the way he thought it would.

We smiled at this story, but it gave PJ an idea. From the start of writing Betrayed, PJ saw a different ending for the tale. However, we didn't end up taking the story in that direction. After hearing the comments of our reader, PJ presented the idea of writing an alternate ending to Betrayed, one that would focus less on the romance between the two main characters and more on suspense. I couldn't help but be intrigued.

We decided to start at Chapter 49 of the original novel and then revise the story and take it in a completely different direction. This is what we've done in Betrayed - Alternate Ending.

Betrayed - Alternate Ending is not a stand-alone book. It is specifically for the readers of the original novel who are curious about what might have happened, if events took a different course. Betrayed - Alternate Ending is a companion book to Betrayed.

As any writer knows, there is a satisfaction in returning to familiar characters and we certainly enjoyed working with the characters of Betrayed again.

Summary of Betrayed - Alternate Ending: After being held against her will and abused for several days, Brook escapes into the snowy wilderness, where her captors assume she will perish. Then their victim shows up on the news months later, very much alive. They don't intend for her to stay that way. (Approx. 20,000 words)

The alternate ending will soon be in paperback, but is now available on Kindle: Betrayed - Alternate Ending

We hope our readers will enjoy this new and different conclusion!