Since childhood days, we have been hearing that books are our best friends and they are. Most of us like to read books of various types. Getting access to a book is very easy nowadays. One can access to any books, old or new through the net very easily.  Books broaden our views and they help us to perceive things differently.

Most of the writes have to face writer’s block at some point of time. There are many reasons for that. One may have some personal problems or it could be some sort of anxiety. The writers’ may have mind block because they are scared about the particular writing project or they feel they are not well prepared to write the particular book or article or they are highly frustrated.

By following certain simple tips, it is quite easy for the writers to come out of the writer’s block. The most important point is to have a writing schedule. The writers must have a fixed time to write on regular basis and this will help them to come out of the writer’s block. Take out your writing materials. When the eyes look at the writing pages, pens and the table every day, same time in the place, there will be a desire for writing if not the first day but after few days but writer’s block will not be there.

The writer’s block is there because in most of the cases the writers are very critical about their own writings.  The writers must consider that there job is to keep on writing and they should not listen to their critical brain while writing. These aspects could be taken care of while editing.  The writing should be considered as a job not an art work. When the writer has just finished a project then the writer must take some days off. Being idle for some days after finishing a project will not affect your writing rather it will be able to use the creativity of the writer in a better way.

It is important to set deadline. Setting a deadline for writing and meeting it is difficult so the writers can try out finding a writing partner and set each other’s deadline. Writers can even try out writing in a group. Some writers find it useful to work on more than one project at a time. This helps them to minimize their fear of writing and boredom both and these two are the main writing blocks for most of the writers.

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