Author Christine Cunningham

Guest post by Christine Cunningham:

This year is dedicated to gratitude, grace, and generosity! In that spirit, I release my new book 30 Day Guide to apply Eternal Beginning!

30 Day Guide to apply Eternal Beginning is a work book created to help apply the lessons interwoven in the book Eternal Beginning. Each day is divided by a quote from Eternal Beginning, the lesson to apply, a paragraph to motivate, and an action step that will cement the lesson in place.

Eternal Beginning is about the call from within to live a dazzling life. In the midst of frustrating experience our character escapes to the woods. There she encounters the choice to slip into another dimension. After crossing over she meets her guide and learns how she can realign with the life that has been joyfully beckoning.

“This is a very talented author. She was able to describe her story in a way that you could actually picture it in your mind. The story also flowed beautifully. I read it in one sitting.” skybluepink, Smashwords review

“This little gem of a book is brief but full of profound ideas.”
Sarah, Goodreads review