If you are looking for a good historical romance to read on your Kindle then look no further! When I first got my new Kindle, I was on the search for free books to download. After all, I did not want to have to shell out more money so soon! I ran across Loki’s Daughters by Delle Jacobs and fell in love. I have read it at least three times since then and enjoyed it more every time.

Loki’s Daughters is about the struggle of a group of Celtic women left to fend for themselves when every fit man in their village is killed by marauding Vikings. One young woman is the leader of the group and takes special care to protect her nearly blind sister and young nephew. When a Viking appears in the night, she defends her house and nearly kills him. As he lies dying, she feels pity for him and tries to help. Eventually his people come looking for him and decide to settle in the nearly empty village. The Viking men set their minds on gaining the women’s trust and marrying them. The wounded Viking heals and falls in love with the Celtic leader. She, however, is afraid of the Vikings and what they may do to her handicapped sister. After all, Vikings are known for killing the weak and old.

Through many hardships and struggles, the men finally win over the women. Even the leader falls for their winning ways and stalwart efforts. When marauders attack and the Vikings risk their lives to protect the village, their place together is cemented. The book is a great romance with plenty of suspense, humor, and action.

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