The upcoming novel by Wodke Hawkinson

Dear Readers,

For those of you who have been (im)patiently waiting for our next novel, the waiting time is nearing an end. We actually started the novel (???) before we wrote Betrayed, Betrayed Alternate-Ending, and Blue, but we were taking it in a different direction than where it is going today. Let me explain why this novel is taking us so very long to finish.

You see, there’s something about our main character that tends to make us want to ignore him. To put it bluntly, we hate him. He is just so unpredictable. He has more mood swings that Tarzan has vines. Is he good-looking? Yes! Is he sexy? Yes! Is he nice? When it avails him to be so.

So, what’s the problem? Why are we putting this novel off repeatedly? Well, the fact is, our character is absolutely despicable. We avoid him whenever possible.

When we finished Betrayed Alternate-Ending, Karen suggested working on a project we both are looking quite forward to writing: a fantasy. But I said, “Hold on. We have something else to do first; don’t you think we ought to pull out that nasty character we’ve set aside for so long?”

She reluctantly agreed, and we began working on our devilish character along with his poor innocent girlfriend. We move along fairly well and then lose days when we find ourselves, once again, ignoring the rascal.

Now, I am proud to announce that this character will soon be out there, available for everyone to learn to hate as much as we do, as we move into the final stages of getting the novel “???” ready for sale.


P.S.  See, we’re avoiding working on the novel right now by writing things for our blog instead. Sigh!

P.S.S. ??? is not really the name of our new novel. We are keeping that a secret just for the time being. (shhhhh.....)