Students face a large workload throughout their academic life, which can lead to stress in certain topics. Mathematics is a cumulative skill and it can be immensely difficult for a student to develop their skills if they have misunderstood or not been taught certain fundamental principles. This inaccessibility to vital skills can hinder their confidence and future academic and work prospects. It is worthwhile investing in a mathematics learning guide to teach children the topics which they have missed, or to boost their confidence in topics which they find challenging. Listed below are five books which are immensely useful for anyone who wants to learn mathematics, whether you are a student or an adult seeking to reinforce previous knowledge.

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1-"Master Math: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra (Master Math Series)” by Debra Ross

Master Math: Basic Math and Pre-Algebra is a comprehensive reference guide to help you learn basic arithmetic subjects, principles and formulas. It is perfect both for students who are learning these topics for the first time, or for more mature readers who wish to consolidate and reassert their basic maths skills. The book presents mathematical principles in an accessible, easy to follow format, commencing with the most basic fundamental subjects and developing to more advanced topics. Throughout the book you can follow step-by-step procedures to familiarize yourself with mathematical principle, before progressing to apply this knowledge through a series of examples and further questions. A comprehensive index and complete table of contents allows you to navigate to your designated topics with ease. This format is in keeping with the book's overall approachable style; enabling readers to develop an understanding of mathematical practices without being intimidated by complex terminology.

2- Algebra Success in 20 Minutes a Day by Learning Express Editors

This mathematical guide offers a quick and engaging approach to learning mathematical principles. It demonstrates the practical application of algebra skills to real world situations and standardized test problems, in order to tackle any problems or insecurities students may be struggling with concerning algebra. Each chapter presents one important algebraic concept and emphasizes a variety of hands on solutions students can experiment with to solve algebraic equations, accompanied by thorough instructions in practical and critical skills. This 20 step plan is suitable for new comers to algebra or anyone looking to re-evaluate their knowledge of it. This guide includes hundreds of practice exercises, word problems, and applications of algebra skills to real world problems as well as a diagnostic pre-test to help student pinpoint their mathematical strengths and weaknesses. Additionally there is a post test after each topic so that students can measure their progress and gain confidence in their mathematical skills. Accompanied with a glossary, additional resources, and tips for preparing for standardized tests, this guide provides all the tools a student would require to succeed in algebra. What's more, there are similar guides you can by to cover topics such as "Geometry", "Practical Math" and "Grammar".

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3-"Practical Math Success in 20 Minutes a Day" by Learning Express Editors

As mentioned previously, this guide is an extension of the "Algebra Success in 20 Minutes A Day" series. This guide is designed to develop fundamental pre-algebra, algebra and geometry skills. Similarly to the previous Algebra Success guide, Practical Maths Success in 20 Minutes a Day offers a pre-test to assess your skills, followed by step-by step instructions on mathematical concepts, followed by a series of practice exercises and culminating in a post test to evaluate your progress. This guide offers a glossary of key mathematical terminology, an appendix of tips to help you prepare for standardized tests and promises to help you solidify your knowledge of all vital mathematical principles, including; fractions, decimals, percents, ratios, word problems, proportions, averages, probability, angles and lines, polygons, triangles, quadrilaterals, square roots algebraic equations and many more.

4-"Key To (Fractions/ Decimals/ Percents/ Measurement/ Metric measurement/ Algebra/ Geometry)" by McGraw Hill Education

The Key To series provides inexpensive ad sequentially oriented mathematical guides across a range of topics. Each guide allows students to work at their own pace through bite-size, easy to follow lessons, motivating them to learn and building their mathematical confidence. They offer a step-by-step approach, easy to follow instructions as well as clear and appealing visual models to engage students so they can develop their mathematical knowledge easily. The guides present fully solved examples as well as numerous exercises so that students can learn by doing as well as by instruction. The "Key To" series suits the needs of any student; whether they need to acquire basic mathematical skills, revise for a test, or simply review some tricky topics! There is something for everyone, showing that maths does not need to be difficult or boring.

5- Teach Yourself Mathematics - A Complete Introduction (Teach Yourself: Math & Science) by Hugh Neill

Also available in algebra and calculus editions, this book endeavors to show that maths need not be difficult. The book promises to help you progress from beginner or intermediate level into a competent mathematician. It presents accessible explanations to enable students to grasp new or challenging mathematical topics, as well as regular practice questions to help develop your understanding and confidence. At the end of each chapter there is a summary to help you remember all of the key points you have learned, which you can refer back to at any time to consolidate your knowledge. "Teach Yourself Mathematics" is fundamental in developing a student's confidence in mathematics. Moreover, because all of the information is categorized in one book, you do not need to buy additional workbooks or course books.

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In addition to these books there are also a number of great resources available online including those provided by Maths Doctor and the BBC. I wish you all the best finding your feet with mathematics, a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding discipline.


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