A guest post by Aimey Lewis

Writing is an activity that requires a quiet and secluded environment, free from disturbances and interruptions. Many artistic writers have their own places or rooms which they have specifically designed for writing purposes alone. A writer cannot get information to write about without travelling to different places across the world where they can get first-hand inspirational and historic stories to write about. Writing in the same place and a room all over through your life may not be helpful, one needs to change environments and avoid being bored. Some of America's destinations offer writers with great locations and facilities to inspire their writing.

  • Asheville city in North Carolina

Asheville may be small in size but the potential in it cannot be measured, especially when it comes to writing possibilities. The great writing community, the amazing setting of the town in addition to its affordable cost of living makes the town be considered an artistic writing city. The town has continuously attracted great authors from across the universe including Charles Frazier. It is cool, quiet and serene and one can find himself spending over eight hours just writing without feeling a pinch. It has an established writer's workshop and organizes annual Asheville Wordfest festivals for writers.

  •  San Francisco, US

This state in the US has wonderful things to offer to writers. The state is renowned for its artistic features that originate from the bright ancient past. Mission District is the state's art gallery, where writers can grasp some inspirational murals. The City Lights Books also offer you a chance to read and write from some of its best books stocked. Furthermore, interacting with several people will give you intuition of what to write about in one of America's best destinations.

  • Mexico

Mexico is an amazing destination to spend your holiday while continuing with your writing activities. There are many places where a serious writer in need of research can visit in this beautiful city and get an inspiration to write. Oaxaca City is one such place, with a number of ancient churches, archeological and historic sites and art museums which are rich in information. The climate is favorable and if you like writing in hotel rooms or cafes then it fits you perfectly well. Mexico City is also endowed with great murals found in its museums like the Museum of Modern Art. 

  • Stehekin, Washington D.C

Washington D.C being the capital of the US certainly has a large population and thousands of people travelling into it. To avoid all the busy street life and get a quiet and convenient place for writing, the best place for you is Stehekin. Ride on a boat to the secluded fortress as you brainstorm. The fortress has no telephone or internet and therefore saves you from interruptions from phone calls or browsing temptations. You have all the time to do your writing.

  • St Louis in Missouri

St Louis is an amazing place to do your writing among the other many writers. Many people travel to this location for a quiet and cool climate writing exercise. The St Louis Writers Guild has continuously been a motivation for many writers aboard. You can stay as long as you wish because the rental cost is also quite low.

These scenic locations among others offer writers the perfect destinations for a writing holiday. For the writers who wish to travel to the US to these locations, ESTA will make your travelling much easier. Apply now and travel to the best writing destinations.