It seems authors often get asked the same questions from one interview to the next. Not always, but a lot. It was time, I decided, for a new approach. So, this interview is designed to break out of the mold. On each of these questions, there is simply no right answer. Let’s see just how creative these creative minds are! It’s all in fun, of course. Our first victim...I mean, volunteer, is Tiffany Fulton. She tackles these ludicrous questions with style and spirit! -Karen

Tiffany Fulton, Author & Poet

1. If Stephen King and Chuck Norris had a war of words, who would win and why?  (Keep in mind that Chuck is pretty strong.)

Stephen King, hands down. If words were bullets, he'd shoot more from his pen than Norris could from a gun.

2. When you are standing in line at the grocery store, how many people are in line behind you?

3-4....I aim for the shortest lines possible! (^_^)

3. What is the real significance of the following phrase? Calculators were used. (be specific please)

The real significance of that phrase is:....

4. Do you deny that heads don’t really roll very well? Expound on your answer.

It depends on how hard you kick them....

5. I just painted my foundation. What kind of paint did I use? What color?  And what color was it before?

You used latex paint--it was black and yellow. And it was originally polka-dot.
(I wish I could say this was a correct answer, but alas, it was only almost correct. Still, a valiant effort! -K)

6. What’s the sixth sentence on page 4 of your book? If it’s really short, please include the next sentence as well.

 On my latest that will be out on September 4th, the sixth sentence is this: "What am I doing here? Where am I?" (Admit it, you expected those sentences to be sexy (^_~).) (How do you know me so well? -K)

7. Is it true you once attended invited Alice Cooper to a Tupperware party? If so, did he show up? Did he buy anything?

*GASP* No! I can't take Alice Cooper anywhere with me because she's nowhere to be found--Oh wait, you meant the guy Alice...

8. Would you ever buy a sofa the size of an average cell phone? Explain your reasoning and how this concept is intricately related to your writing.

Well, one person in my head could use a sofa as tiny and fun as this! (We should introduce the tiny person in your head to the one living in mine. Maybe they would hit it off! -K)

 9. You are running late for an important meeting or appointment. When you reach your vehicle, you discover a flamingo inside. How do you handle the situation? And what was so important about your meeting?

I would take the flamingo and I would pet him and love him and call him Pinkerton. What meeting? *gazes admiringly at Pinkerton as she pets him*

10. If Dr. Pepper personally called you later today, what would he want to discuss with you?

He'd want to discuss the 23 flavors I could use in my stories.

11. Two baskets, toilet paper, and a towel. What have I just described?

A set up for a messy picnic or an even messier massacre. (It's actually the shelf in my bathroom, but I like your answer better. It's a story waiting to be written! -K)

12. What is your professional opinion of battery-powered circular saws?

 Horrible things...Can't keep the kids away from them.

12. Do you realize this question is numbered inaccurately? What do you make of that?

 Yes. You were so caught up in the moment of writing these questions out that the error escaped your notice--and you just didn't care!

Many thanks to Tiffany for being a great sport and answering our ludicrous interview questions.

Author Bio:
Tiffany Fulton writes Young Adult short stories and free-verse poetry. Her favorite colors are blue and black, and her stories are mostly influenced by Asian culture and her dreams.

Soldier Evolution Revolutionary Girl by Tiffany Fulton:
Bunny Lilka thought that she was just another high school student bound for college like anyone else. She couldn't have been more wrong. This year is the one she and her friends were supposed use as vacation time from being superheroes--a sort of reward for stopping Lord Vinsfeld's plot for world domination. But he's back, and he wants much more than the world: He wants Bunny.
And who can blame him? Bunny was born with the power to control the Fate of everything in the universe. Wanna know the freaky part?
She's got to give birth to a demon that has to destroy everything to save everything she and her friends love.