There is often more to a short story than meets the eye. For readers, a short story is a brief vacation from reality. For authors, it is so much more. A short story is a vehicle for introducing your writing to new readers, readers who might not commit to an entire novel but would certainly give a short story a chance. With so many books out there vying for attention, readers have more choice than ever before. Digital books, self-publishing, and expanded venues are all factors that combine to create a paradise for readers. There is truly something for every taste and prices for every budget. A short story can open the door and invite readers into an author’s world. If they like the writing, they are more inclined to make the greater commitment of purchasing a book.

For authors, a short story can serve as a springboard into a novel or series. It’s a great way to present new characters and settings.

Short stories can educate, entertain, impart a particular view, or serve as a sample of an author’s work.

My co-author and I enjoy writing short stories for many reasons. Sometimes the tale we wish to tell doesn’t require 90,000 words. Other times, a short story is an experiment to see if an idea of ours has merit. Sometimes we write a short story as an exercise, just to see what we come up with. (We have taken the same characters or idea before and then each written a story using them. It’s interesting how different the stories end up from each other. Of course, we both edit and revise these stories so they have input from each of us.) Best of all for us, short stories give us ample opportunity to explore various genres. And for readers who may be curious about our style, we have compiled our stories into three collections and published them. We plan to release a fourth collection in the future. In the meantime, we’ve put some of our stories out as singles.

Recently, we lowered the price of our third volume of short stories, Alone, to just 99 cents, the same price as many singles. In Alone, readers get 18 tales for the price of one! We hope this offer will welcome new readers to our work.


Alone, Selected Short Stories Vol. Three on Amazon