Oscar Wilde has attained worldwide critical acclaim as one of the most proficient, insightful and exceedingly witty authors of his generation. He is celebrated globally for his literary prowess and remains one of the most widely read and translated authors in the English language. Therefore, what better way to demonstrate Wilde's literary greatness than through his own words? Listed below are some of Wilde's most memorable quotes; seeped in his famous wit and formidable intellectual insight.

“The play was a great success, but the audience was a disaster”

A large part of Oscar Wilde's success was his ability to rise above criticism. He lived his life, and created literary works, in tune with his personality and flair irrespective of the vast amount of criticism he often received. However, brilliance is never ordinary. By taking risks in his literary works as well as in his social escapades, Wilde pushed boundaries and subsequently defined himself as one of the most accomplished writers of his age.

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"Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination"

Wilde has become famous for his deeply insightful, thought-provoking quotations. This quotation exudes his greatness by encouraging others to pursue excellence. Wilde engages his audience, motivating them to engage their imagination and discover what it is they really want to achieve in life. This innovative and revolutionary thought process remains applicable to any aspect of our lives. For example, modern entrepreneurs continuously engage their imagination to seek new ideas to further themselves and their career ambitions. This quotation exudes Wilde's greatness because it displays how the insightful messages within his works maintain their relevance to any generation; past or present.

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 “The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on. It is never of any use to oneself.”

Wilde presents his readers with a stark realization connecting advice, skill and communication. Within this quote he reveals that you can possess a great deal of skill and advice regarding your chosen profession, yet no-one will know of your abilities unless you share them with others. This advice is particularly relevant to our current generation which is highly dependent upon online social networking communities. If you affiliate yourself with as many social networks and online communities as possible, you can promote your personal or professional skills to a massive audience. Irrespective of your personal or career ambitions, sharing your skill sets and ideas can exponentially improve your credibility and popularity within your chosen field. Successful businesses capitalize upon this technique regularly; influential entrepreneurs like Wilson Luna and Jack Canfield promote their literary works on business sites and publicize reviews from various fans to consolidate their professional reputations as skilled authors. Even Oscar Wilde himself was as prolific a social figure as he was a literary figure, if not more. His overwhelming propensity for scandal captivated a vast audience who subsequently sought out his literary works with an ardent curiosity.

These insightful principles reveal one of the most fundamental elements of Wilde's greatness his literary messages and remain just as relevant today as they were when they were originally written. We can apply his attitudes towards social conventions to our current generation and continue to glean vital insights. This remarkable ability to imbue knowledge which transcends generations is what makes Wilde one of the greatest social and literary figures that ever existed.

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