What was it that turned me and made me decide to give writing a try? Let me see if I can get this story started.

In the beginning…no...wait, that has already been done, start over.

Once upon a time…no, no, that is just crazy, what are you trying to do?

There once was a …*sigh* this is not working. Just try again.

*tapping chin with fingertip* Oh, okay, I think I have it.

Hey, welcome, come meet the voices in my head.  Yep that about sums it up.

I have always been hooked on the written word. The first real novel I remember reading was THE HOBBIT. I can remember teachers in school giving out the assignments and me looking forward to them with enthusiasm.  That is, until I learned boys were more fun than jump rope, but the love of reading never left me. Of course, I did fall into the teenage romance novel dreamer, waiting for that prince charming to either ride up on his horse, or my favorite, sail up on his pirate ship. But alas, it was never to be. Then, there were the dark arts of the likes of V.C. Andrews and her stories of the darker side of life and Stephen King who could give me nightmares for days after finishing his books.

Without a favorite genre, I have been introduced to a variety of lifestyles, and lived through them all. Blessed with a very vivid imagination I can transport myself into the story and become so engrossed that I forget to eat, sleep or whatever else I am supposed to be doing. I am always disappointed when it is all over. Left feeling that I have lost a best friend.

Now, with all of that being said, we fall into the present. With everything going on in this wonderful country of ours, falling into another world or time seemed to be the only way to keep my sanity. After all, traveling through time or across the universe is somewhat more comforting than turning on the news. And then, it falls apart.

With a death in the family, and a few other not so pleasant things going on, I struggled to come to grips with it all. Hearing that writing a journal would help in this healing process; I took a pen and a pad of paper and sat down. Two hours, nineteen pages, and a box of tissue later I was starting to feel better. This was really working, and then it hit me. Why not write a book. I have ideas, I have a concept, but I have no knowledge how. Oh well, who cares, let's get started. Let's WISH UPON A STONE.

A beautiful stone. A sleeping wish. A life transformed, never to be the same. Separated by legend and law two lives are destined to intertwine. Zoë awakens in a world thought to be legend and make-believe, struggling to accept life's fate. Tristian is the Prince of the Pixies, determined to return her to her world. As he tries to find her a way back, he begins to want her to choose to stay in his. Zoë becomes torn between the two worlds, should she return to hers, or stay in the fantasy.

WISH UPON A STONE is part one of the series that follows Zoë, a human that becomes a Pixie through a sleeping wish, as she tries to find a way to cope with the life she has been dealt. As I followed them along it became clear that the story was going to continue past the first novel. Seems there are quite a few things, and legends, that can come true if you only dare to dream.

Once the story was out there, it was really out there. I have been excited and nervous all at the same time. Hoping that anyone who picks it up, will not want to put it down, while trying to remember that it is not going to be for everyone. After all, it is a world of make-believe. But two really talented writers gave me the best advice in the world, and helped me not only finish book one, but get started on book two with their words of wisdom. "Write for you, and only you. If you like what you have written that is the only thing that matters. Others will soon follow you."

So, now you know, WISH UPON A STONE is my attempt to tell you a story, my attempt to entertain you and keep you enthralled, and my attempt to let you in on my very own imagination. So be warned, you are going to love it.


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