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Thoughts on Zeke from someone who sounds like Christopher Walken.

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"A man can be an anything, food, whatever. It depends on   how good he is. Zeke’s art is death. He’s about to create his masterpiece.

What can I say about this Zeke character, baby? You know... he’s a freak.He bothers me.

He takes advantage of an innocent young’s crazy.

I want to kill him, stab him in the face with a soldering iron.

Kill him dead...

Read the book. You’ll want to kill him too."

 ~Someone Who Sounds Like Christopher Walken

Books by Wodke Hawkinson

Ruby Hayes spends her days working in a coffee shop and attending college. After a mysterious phone call, her ex-boyfriend Kenny goes missing and Ruby is determined to find out what happened to him. Although the police are looking into his disappearance, Ruby decides to pursue her own investigation. Details, seemingly unconnected to Kenny, begin to emerge. A body fished from the river. A vampire-themed nightclub. A shadowy group whose members include the elite and powerful of the city. Secret gatherings where perverted desires are sated and dark fantasies played out. A series of unsolved murders.

Each clue brings Ruby closer to the truth...and nearer to danger. Will she find Kenny? Or will she herself become prey?

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Sue Cox had been lured into a bizarre relationship with Zeke, a man whose stunning looks hid a demented mind. She had left town with him on a road trip and had nearly lost her life in the process. She was saved from death at the last minute by a private investigator, Will Falstaff, whom her parents had hired to find her and bring her home. But, Zeke was still out there.

In this sequel to Zeke, Sue begins her long recovery. Melvin, the young assistant to Will, is hired to escort her, a precaution in the event Zeke returns to finish the job. Though Sue does not want protection, she gradually grows to trust Melvin even as she learns to be more self-reliant. With the help of her psychiatrist and the loving support of her parents, she works through her tangled emotions and begins to clear the brainwashing from her mind so she can rebuild her life. She vows to never be a victim again. But, Zeke has other plans. . .
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
“A very satisfying follow-up to the disturbing events in Zeke, Sue contains enough back-story to be a stand-alone novel.” ~Randi Canning

A gentler read than ZEKE, but every bit as riveting.

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Zeke is a dark novel of sexual obsession, psychological manipulation, and danger. A naive college student falls for the exciting new bookstore clerk and makes a rash decision to go on the road with him. As they travel, he becomes increasingly unstable. Her parents refuse to believe she left willingly and hire a private investigator to locate her. Will he find her in time?

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Praise for Zeke

 When the object of our affection turns out to be a monster, how far are we willing to go to justify the monstrous behavior? In Zeke, Wodke Hawkinson explored that question to its furthest horrific outcome, and that outcome is not pretty or comfortable; but it is absolutely captivating.

~Michael K. Rose

 The powerful writing of Wodke Hawkinson is addictive and enthralling. Brought into their world by the novel Betrayed, I was amazed at their innate ability to realize and describe harsh, harrowing, and brutal scenes. The book had me turning pages faster than lightening. It also unleashed a new understanding of my voyeuristic nature. Zeke, their latest outing, proved no different.   

~Douglas Wickard 


You may find yourself yelling at Sue, “Sue! He’s a bad guy - run from him as fast as you can!” But Sue is already brainwashed. This book will stay with you for days. Pass it on to all the single women in your life. This should serve as a warning. There are many “Zekes” out there, just waiting…               

~Kathleen Patel

Read an excerpt from Zeke here

Betrayed, a novel by Wodke Hawkinson

Brook, a Denver socialite, seems to have a good life until she becomes the victim of a botched carjacking. In a matter of minutes, her life is forever altered. She is abducted, transported, and held for days by three brutal men in a remote mountain location. She escapes only to end up barefoot, nearly naked, and hopelessly lost in the Colorado wilderness at the beginning of a harsh winter. Suffering physical and psychological damage from her captivity, Brooklyn sustains more injuries as she struggles through the forest. Adding to her misery, the snow begins to fall. In the middle of nowhere, she encounters a bloody wild man, turns to flee from him, and runs head first into a tree, knocking herself unconscious. Brooklyn awakens in the rustic cabin of Lance, a reclusive man who has shunned society. Terrified and wounded, Brook fears she has traded one form of captivity for another.

Contains bonus material after the novel: Alternate ending which starts at Chapter 49 of the original novel and takes the story in a different direction.

 Now available on Smashwords and Kindle. Barnes & Noble. Paperback. Signed copies.

*Reader advisory: Betrayed contains graphic depictions of rape and violence that some readers may find disturbing.

Read an excerpt from Betrayed

Review excerpt by Maureen Hovermale: "...
By all rights, Wodke Hawkinson should be sitting in their respective dens with a nice fat contract with one of the larger publishing houses. Their tale is professionally told with an artistic ease that draws the reader into the environment they have spun. Not once did I feel jarred from the story by some incongruence or another. Everything fit and everything was described with the brush of those that truly know how to spin a good yarn.

Review excerpt from Albert Robbins III: "...This is were Wodke and Hawkinson (two authors) shine the most. They have this innate ability to draw the reader as close as family to their characters. Your heart will break for Brook and your rage will tear at you to be released."

Catch Her in the Rye, Selected Short Stories Vol. One by Wodke Hawkinson

Catch Her in the Rye contains the tragic love story by that name plus thirty other short stories in a wide variety of themes, from the surrealistic "I Wish" to the heartwarming "Homeless Thanksgiving". These short tales offer a cross-genre experience, with literary tidbits that include science fiction, horror, contemporary fiction, and those hard-to-classify yarns that fit neatly into no category. In addition to the eerie "Ain't No Lights", the collection features a cast of engaging characters from a lovable stray dog in "Belle" to a mute Appalachian girl with a unique musical talent in "Callie's Fiddle", and even an online villain in "Bingo Killer". Available now on Kindle, or in paperback on Amazon.

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Blue, Selected Short Stories Vol. Two by Wodke Hawkinson

Blue is the second volume of short stories by multi-genre author, Wodke Hawkinson. Blue contains three novelettes, which in and of themselves make the book a must-read. In addition, Blue also features eleven shorter works that run the gamut from bawdy humor in “The Erotic Adventure of Dick Speed” to the contemplative surrealism of “Death Hates His Job”. Wodke Hawkinson writes across genre lines, providing a tasty variety of subjects which are peopled with unique and memorable characters. Each of the three novelettes in Blue introduces the reader to a different and compelling story.  In “Back to the Past”, a young man recalls meeting his bride years before when they were children, and reminisces about their childhood friendship. “The Deconstruction of Dennis” is a tragedy that illustrates the lonely sorrow of mental illness. The title piece, “Blue”, tells the harrowing story of a young girl who is thrust into the custody of her father’s unsavory family upon the death of her mother. Available in paperback on Amazon or Kindle.

Review: "This amazing set of short stories is sure to be a delightful read for all genres. Wodke Hawkinson expresses different but exceptional writing styles.Page after page, each story will draw you in to the characters, feeling every emotion whether it is the grief and pain of G, Dennis or Blue or the arrogance of Dick Speed. "  -K.C. Stone, Author of Replaced by a Stranger

Alone, Selected Short Stories Vol. Three by Wodke Hawkinson

Alone is the third volume of short stories by Wodke Hawkinson. Again populated by memorable characters, the tales in Alone give readers the cross-genre experience they have come to expect from this author in 18 tales of drama, weirdness, humor, or literary speculation. Alone is available in paperback or on Kindle.

Tangerine by Wodke Hawkinson

As the book trailer illustrates, Tangerine is a novel set in the future that tells the story of Dr. Ava Majestic, a biologist who evaluates uninhabited planets being considered for colonization. Ava discovers she is the heir to a device that allows her to travel backward in time. Use of the device is fraught with consequences, as she soon learns. Ava is pursued for this device by an unsavory but wealthy collector, Agnotico. Tangerine describes life in a future time when space travel is commonplace and aliens are a natural part of everyday life.

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Night Roads, Selected Short Stories Vol. Four by Wodke Hawkinson

On the back burner for now.

Works in progress: A fantasy/sci-fi.


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