Find a Good Book to Read - Nonfiction List


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15 Easy Delicious Main Dish Recipes by Anna Joyce

A half a month's worth of tasty recipes to add to your menu. Contains regional favorites and staple dishes.

  15 Easy Delicious Salad Recipes by Anna Joyce

Salads are a healthy delightful way to get your veggies. In this book, you not only get fifteen salad recipes but also a dozen easy delicious salad dressing recipes.

  15 Easy Delicious Sandwich Recipes by Anna Joyce

Who doesn’t love a savory sandwich? Sandwiches make a delightful, filling meal. Here are 15 pleasing sandwiches you can make.

  15 Easy Delicious Soup Recipes by Anna Joyce

Soups are always a welcome addition to any meal, or a delightful meal in themselves. Get your copy of “15 Easy Delicious Soup Recipes” today. You’ll be preparing a warm, cozy meal in just minutes!

   A Summer in the High Sierra by Laurence Brauer  Genre: Non-fiction, Nature

A Summer in the High Sierra travels outside cultural and religious doctrines and discovers neither science nor religion encompasses the breadth and depth of nature's message.

Albury to El Alamein by Les Cossor, Edited by Ian Cossor  Genre:  History - Second World War

A memoir of Australian Army life in the Middle East during the Second World War and an insight into a generation now lost to us.

   All Eyes, A Memoir of Deafness by Bainy Cyrus  Genre: Autobiography/memoir

"All Eyes" tells about a deaf girl growing up in two different cultures, first deaf and then hearing, and enduring obstacles with heartbreak and humor.

An Airman's Convictions by Joshua L Hudgins. Genre: Poetry (biography/memoir)

True story about my life in the air force, what happened when I became 100% disabled, and the trouble I get into in the military.

   Blocks: The Enlightened Way To Clear Writer's Block and Find Your Creative Flow by Tom Evans  Genre: creativity, creative writing

Blocks is an easy-to-follow guide to unlocking your creative potential. This book is for anyone who writes regularly, whether professionally or for pleasure.

    Comprehensive Review of Psychology by Vincent S. Filingeri,Ph.D. Genre: Higher Education-Study Guide-Test Preparation

This book covers the important areas found in an introductory psychology course. It is an aid for all psychology classes, as well as, preparation for standardized tests.

  Dancing in Heaven - a sister's memoir by Christine M Grote  Genre: Memoir

Severely disabled at birth, Annie now dances in heaven. This memoir about Annie's life and death is a testament to the intrinsic value of human life.

    Fat Control:The NET Equation by Vincent S. Filingeri,Ph.D. Genre: Health-Wellness-Weight Control

This book covers the three major factors to achieve a permanent, healthy weight, namely, Nutrition, Exercise, and Thinking.

  Fierce Dancing: Adventures in the Underground by CJ Stone.  Genre: Drugs/alternative culture/rave/protest

A book about protest, rave culture, travelers and summer festivals. Does hope really lie in the wearing of nose rings? Are tattoos the answer?

Flavours of Thought : Recipes for Fresh Thinking by Tom Evans  Genre: self-help, spirituality

This is a book of transformation. We spend our days not giving our thoughts a second thought. This book will make you think about them.

God’s Purposes and What He Does Not Know About Us by Stanley Singleton  Genre: Religion

This inspirational book shows that because He loves us unconditionally, God leaves the two most important things about our lives unknown to Him and totally up to us.

  Herbs of the Northern Shaman by Steve Andrews  Genre:  BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - Spirituality - Shamanism

Author Steve Andrews takes the view that the best herbs for use by shamans are those plant teachers that grow locally.

  Housing Benefit Hill & Other Places by CJ Stone  Genre: Columns

Not since Orwell has someone written with such vigor, passion, and anger, about the other half. Unlike Orwell, C.J. isn't just paying a visit.

  How to Meet Broads: A Comprehensive Guide to the Art of Seduction by Jeff Cagney    Genre: Non-Fiction/Humor/Self-Help

With the ground-breaking How to Meet Broads system, you can improve your look, boost your self-confidence and successfully seduce the girls of your dreams!

How to Move in with Your Boyfriend (and Not Break up with Him) by Tiffany Current

A humorous guide about surviving your live-in relationship.  Topics include: splitting costs, discussing bad habits, and dealing with relationship dry spells (if they ever hit).

I Couldn't Lay in the Bed They Made by Kimberly Biller  Genre: Memoir

Suffering abuse at the hands of her parents and then men later on in life after becoming a child bride at 15, the author shows how much adversity one can endure and emerge still whole.

  Kick Menstrual Cramps in the Nuts by TC Hale

In this entertaining book, you will learn how to look at your own body chemistry to understand the underlying cause of YOUR menstrual cramps. 

  Life On the Road With The Master Wine Cellar Builder by John Seitz

This book is about all the adventures that I have experienced in my journey to places where most people do not get  to go. This is not just about all the stars and celebrities and their wine cellars but is about people, monuments, things, and places along the roads of this great country of ours.

  One Bowl: Simple Healthy Recipes for One by Stephanie Bostic  Genre: Cookbook

 Bostic’s cookbook addresses the challenges of solo cooking by offering healthy recipes and nutrition guidance designed to satisfy the taste buds easily and affordably.  

   Positive Affirmations for Confidence by Bernard Hope

50 affirmations to enhance self-confidence along with 17 inspirational quotes and a foreword by the author. This pamphlet-sized book provides the reader with motivational statements to support and boost inner feelings of self-assurance.

   Positive Affirmations for Performing Musicians by Bernard Hope  Genre: Self Help

Contains 50 affirmations, a foreword by the author, and a list of inspirational quotes for performing artists. In this concise guide, the reader is introduced to the benefit of affirmations to enhance performance, by utilizing the power of positive inner dialogue.

    Secrets of the Olympics Ceremonies by Myles A. Garcia  Genre: Non-fiction, Sports History, Spectacle, London 2012

Everything you always wanted to know about Olympic ceremonies—how they put’em together; how they conjure up those amazing stunts and breathtaking effects.

Stage Performance Guide for Bluegrass Bands by Mark A. Johnson  Genre: Instruction

Why should someone buy a ticket and come to your live show? What does the audience really want? Seasoned performer Mark Johnson helps you answer these questions and more in his guide for performers.

  Still Singing Somehow by Rob Rideout

Still Singing, Somehow will make you laugh, cry or maybe even angry at times. It is about one man's life as he fights through alcoholism, prison, traveling all around the world, married life and finely peace at the end. It is stranger than fiction; this book will take you beyond your imagination to faraway places and bizarre situations.

The Art and Science of Light Bulb Moments by Tom Evans  Genre: creativity, innovation

This book is about having light bulb moments on tap, just when you need them, picking the right ones and turning them into reality.

  The Gifted Ones by Lisa Vaughn   Genre: Memoirs

A riveting raw look into the lives of the socially unaccepted and what it truly means to live and love against the grain.

  The Last of the Hippies by CJ Stone  Genre: Cult thriller/social history/autobiography

 Part autobiography, part history, part travelogue, this is an account of the author's experiences in that marginal realm, the mythical hippie's heavenly playground.

    The No-Homework Women's Bible Study: Group Hug and The No-Homework Women's Bible Study: Group Hug 2 by Christine Tate  Genre: Christian Non-Fiction

Put the fun back in your women's small group Bible study today with fun fellowship activities and thought provoking discussions!

  The Perfect Defence by FP  Genre: Self-help/reference

The perfect defence is a no nonsense self-defence fully illustrated book to give anyone, especially women, a fighting chance to survive anything, anywhere, anytime.

  The Trials of Arthur by Arthur Pendragon and Christopher James Stone. Genre: Biography/protest/spirituality/druidism

Looks like a tramp. Says he's a King. Meet Arthur - Warrior, leader and Druid. An ex-squaddie and biker turned spiritual leader and parliamentary candidate.

   Thin is the Veil - A Haunting Memoir by Lezli A. Polm, DD  Genre: Paranormal experiences

Polm recollects upon spirits she's met throughout her life, making readers aware of the spirits surrounding them while telling an underlying tale of reincarnation. Chillingly convincing.

Three Hundred Zeroes: Lessons of the Heart on the Appalachian Trail by Dennis R. Blanchard  Genre: Non-fiction humor and outdoor adventure

Author Blanchard's humorous adventures working down the bucket list. Encounters with formidable bears, rattlesnakes and squirrels are no match for the real dangers of life.

Twisted - Enter at your Own Risk by Arthur Reilly  Genre: Essays/Gay

A book of essays that gives you a peek inside the mind of a gay man that will have you laughing and crying.

  What the Hell by Jackson Baer  Genre: Religion/Christianity

What if everything you've been taught about Hell was wrong? Will God punish people for all of eternity?


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